Unlawful Detainers

We handle unlawful detainer actions for both commercial and residential leases. We represent both landlord and tenants. Unlawful detainer actions can be frustrating and drawn out. The proper notices must comply with technical requirements and must be completed with precision. Our firm will help you , from the initial service of the 3/30/60 day notice, to representing you in court and receiving a money judgment.



As a landlord, I know how frustrating it can be trying to evict a tenant who hasn’t paid back rent or beached the terms of their lease. I will personally draft all legal documents and submit them to the court in a timely manner to get the eviction process started immediately. Unlike other eviction firms, I personally handle all of the cases, and do not rely on staff to complete your paperwork, avoiding errors, delays and misunderstanding of legal terms by unskilled staff members. Staring your case is simple – just email/fax the required documents and I can begin working on your case immediately.



We charge a flat fee for uncontested evictions and a reasonable fee for contested evictions based on the number of appearances an attorney must make in court. Please contact the firm for an updated fee schedule.